A lot of the time new stables are put into existing sheds and barns and people find themselves too space deficient to put in their wash bays and tack rooms. There are a few ideas to get around this and these ideas are not restricted to the space deficient horse owners either. They are great ideas that will stand out in any barn, create efficiency and make the tiresome jobs easy.

Tack Solutions – sometimes there is no room for a tack room or the expense of building one and making it pest proof is not viable so here are some alternatives.

Tack Boxes

This as the picture shows, is a stack of tack boxes that takes up little room and keeps things ship shape. The stacks are great for keeping individual rider’s equipment stored and safe and or the individual horses might have their own gear, brushes, med’s etc. and this can all be kept close by separated and if needed locked.

Tack Lockers

These are designed to be like the old-school lockers. Big enough to stow 3 or 4 saddles per locker, many bridles per locker or, again they can be used for individual and or horses. The below example shows 1 locker per stable.

Stable Locker

The Tack Lockers are built into the stables – safely boxing off the corner of the stall. Same as the Tack locker, this option allows individuals to keep gear close to their horse and neatly stowed.

Wash Bay Solutions

you don’t necessarily have to isolate a whole space to wash bays and they can also be place anywhere. With the use of well-designed Wash Bay Rails, you can create a wash bay that is safe, efficient and that can also double as a clipping stall, tie up, farrier bay and much more.

Centre Rail

Made from a large diameter pipe so that it is a safe as possible, the center brail will divide a larger space into 2 and allow safe movement around the horses. As you can see, a great farrier stall and tie up as well.

Containment Rail

Again, made from a large diameter pipe so that it is a safe as possible. This idea will help “contain” the horses in a space without the expense of having to build purpose specific area’s or structure. It also again lends itself to all the other jobs in the stable like clipping and grooming etc.

So, here are some ideas to help you “think outside the box” or the stable in this case!…….. By selecting a reputable stable supplier, you should be able to solve these issues with safe economical options. There are a lot of new ideas out there and it is worth the research to make your stables durable, efficient and affordable and importantly – look great!