Preparing To Build Your Horse Stables – Things to Consider

Planning and building your new stable complex can be as stressful and complicated as building your new home. Our customers quickly realise they must learn a whole new vocabulary to communicate exactly what they want and need. They then realise how many different trades; suppliers and how many boxes need ticking from your helpful local council! In the following we will try to offer an insight into what you will need to consider moving forward into your new project.


Resourceful Manure

The Horse Report September 2018 – Turn the manure heap into pasture resource. Where there is a horse – there is manure and what to do with it has been a problem since man first yarded the horse. Manure management is also an integral part of a healthy farm but getting it out of the stable and then what to do with it is the problem. Traditionally, the solution is to dump it into the “manure heap” and pretend it’s not there or bag it up and try and sell it …… at a loss! It is well proven that nutrients contained in manure will improve pasture productivity. The effects of manure returning to the pasture will increase growth, cover and quality of forage. Most horse farms whether it be one or two horses or large-scale stud farm with 400 horses have a manure problem that in fact is a resource in disguise. ABI Attachments has made manure management (pasture improvement) accessible and simple to all horse owners with the ABI Classic Spreader…

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Tack Rooms, Wash Bays and Tie Ups

A lot of the time new stables are put into existing sheds and barns and people find themselves too space deficient to put in their wash bays and tack rooms. There are a few ideas to get around this and these ideas are not restricted to the space deficient horse owners either. They are great ideas that will stand out in any barn, create efficiency and make the tiresome jobs easy.


How to Maintain Your Horse Arena

Whether it’s a custom horse stable or an arena, everything associated to your horse requires regular maintenance. Maintaining the arena footing is the most important factor as it is your most valued investment on your farm. If not maintained properly you could face issues related to drainage, depth and inconsistencies throughout the arena footing.


Rubber Flooring – What Are the Cons?

Rubber Flooring has become an increasingly popular choice among stable owners due to all the benefits associated with it. Although its cost can be high, once fitted, running cost can be lowered and ultimately save you money. Tenderfoot Rubber Flooring is durable, easy to clean and install.


Building Your Own Horse Stable?

Irrespective of whether you keep horses for sport, show or recreation, a good horse stable will save you plenty of time, effort, and headaches. When you take away horses from their original living space – the wild – it is indeed your responsibility to build a fully equipped home for them that is safe, has plenty of airflow, access to feed and plenty of fresh water, is comfortable and functional. There plenty of options for stabling from custom stables to a standard range of portable stables, prefabricated stables and standard stables. If you have horse stable project in the planning, read below for some tips for you to consider. 


Arena Rascal Pro Review

We always love to get feedback from our happy customers! We just got this in from Annie, a horse and arena owner who is now also the proud owner of an Arena Rascal Pro 4’5 with Rail Edge.


Horse Walker Technology – What’s In It for You

Investing in a horse walker can improve the overall performance and health of your horses not to mention the efficiency of your horse operations from day to day. Horse Walker are extremely useful in building strength, toning and maintaining muscle development, increasing fitness and also very importantly, a fantastic rehabilitation resource. Walking machines are also proven to reduce labour cost as it can be used by a single trainer who can work with large group of horses at a time. Horse walkers are time-saving and help you provide your competitive horses the much needed recreational and training workouts. It’s also a great investment option into your facility, which can increase the value of your property and marketability of your services.


Greatest Race Horse of Generations Retires – Sound, Fit and In Front

If Black Caviar’s win in the TJ Smith Stakes last Saturday is our lasting memory of her, trainer Peter Moody and her group of owners could not have chosen a grander stage.

Before a packed Royal Randwick, the racecourse’s new grandstand providing a magnificent backdrop, and against one of the best fields of sprinters she has faced during her career, Black Caviar was at her supreme best.