The Anvil Round Yards are made here in Australia with Australian steel.

We have designed them ourselves from a long background in breaking in and starting horses of many breeds and what is need for safety and efficiency for the horse and handler. We also have children of our own and have built what we are confident is the safest horse panel on the market for kids and their ponies.

Our yards start with a basic 4 rail panel at 1800mm high (6ft) – this panel is designed for budget and basic function such as lunging, yarding or basic housing for example. Like all our Horse Safe panels, this panel come with these features:

  • Minimal gap between panels – approximately 15 – 20mm gap means no leg traps
  • Secured connection pins – no sharp edges and can’t lose pins as they a fixed to the panels
  • 6ft high
  • Gal steel finish for durability
  • Adjustable Ride thru gate
  • Australian steel
  • Australian made


Horse Safe Skirted Panel

This panel adds extra attention to detail, safety, and strength that you will only find with Anvil.  There are no sharp edges, misplaced connectors, or places for horses to be caught up on. Solid bottom sheeting keeps the surface in and eliminates leg traps as well. The Gate features a matching design and a convenient sliding latch which is position and designed with a rider on a young horse for safety.

Horse Safe Heavy Duty Mesh

We use a heavy wire mesh which offers strongest and safest mesh we have found while keeping the cost down. The Mesh is the ultimate in Horse and rider safety. It comes with all other Horse Safe features offered by our other yards as well.

Picture shows powder coat finish upgrade - standard panel is in a Gal Steel finish


To calculate the number of panels needed for “any” size round yard:

Take diameter of the round yard needed (distance across the yard) x 3.14, which gives you the circumference of the yard. Divide by 2.1 (Anvil’s standard panel length) will give you the total number of panels (and 1 gate) needed. . If you need any additional help with the size of a round yard to suit your application get in contact with our friendly team.